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360 no scoping my project



Ship almost ready!

Waking up. Grabbing the Laptop. Hopping into Minecraft. That the description of all my week. As i promise. By this week the server will be open. Finishing with the Shop.¬†Giving final touches to some constructions. Getting all excited. In only... Continue Reading →

Am i alive? A New Project?

I know. I know. I haven't been around here for a while. But i'm back. Stronger. Faster. And more furiouss. And i will be making a lot of beatiful posting - Perhaps 2 times a week -. I'll make another... Continue Reading →

My startings as a Game dev

Getting in my bed, turning on the computer, opnening steam, getting into game maker, having no idea what to do next,then, watching some game dev related videos for 5 hours, and then going to sleep feeling bad/good about my "progress"... Continue Reading →

Lights Out

Lights out is my first serious game, it's about changes in life, people, hobbies, and yourself, changes that reset all your life for ever, never is the same ever again( HA!HA!, i found an excuse to not make a save/load... Continue Reading →

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