I know. I know. I haven’t been around here for a while. But i’m back. Stronger. Faster. And more furiouss. And i will be making a lot of beatiful posting – Perhaps 2 times a week -. I’ll make another post tomorrow with the days i’m gonna be around posting. Also, i’m not going to abandon it this time. I hope so.

Getting into topic. I have had several projects. But i just keep getting bored about them. Mainly because they lack of a point. But i have one of them that is going to be really cool – An awesome experience for me atleast – . And i’m going to be following this one to the end and beyond. Or until i die of hunger. What happens first.

Want to know what i’m gonna be doing? oh well. You should of told me in the first second.

Im gonna be doing a minecraft Skyblock server. 

Yes. A Skyblock Server. I thought i would be a really attractive idea to do something i enjoy. And maybe. If i’m lucky enough. Get a little community that enjoys it too.

And for the sake of hype. Here are some screenshots of the lobby


This beatiful lobby is being build by me. Same for the whole server. But you get the idea.

The server is going to be open around tuesday and friday. I’ll be posting things here and on twitter if you want to follow the developmen. But until then. Hope you have a good day my friends.