Console.log(“lolero”) dsadasdsad
Ready to launch. Last step of the staircase. I can barely touch the light coming from the end. I saw a hole that seemed to have something interesting on it. Wondering if this was an opportunity for a bigger reward or a descend to the start of my road. And without giving it too much thought. I 360 No Scoped that staircase. I was already in the hole.

As you guys can see I haven’t been posting about my Minecraft server anymore. Even though I was ready to launch. I changed projects. Although it isn’t a big change. I might say it is an improvement to the project. Or and improvement to the idea itself.

6 Days ago. While I was finishing some of the last tasks i had to do. I met a guy. Let’s call him:”RandomGuy#13″. He messages me for something i asked in the Spigot forums. And he ended up giving me some help with some of the questions i had. And he ended up adding me on skype – Where the rest of the history developed -.

While he is answering some of my questions. “RandomGuy#13” . Decides to offer me a Server Host. Long history short. He owns some expensive Linux Machines. He used to own his own server. He also knows a lot of different programming languages in depth. Fly over America with a fucking potato. And knows how to host servers. And the craziest about “RandomGuy#13”. He is really freaking young. I might not say his age. But believe me when i tell you. For all those things he does and knows. He is young

He is some kind of god at this point. If you are interested in joining my cult. Message me at I’ll tell my mom to make cookies for us.

After some hours of Talking. He ended up offering me a host for my server AND his help with the programming. I couldn’t take that big of an offer. It just felt wrong to take that much without giving anything back. Thus, we ended up with a deal. We will be Co-owners of the server. And just like that. I got a partner/teacher/host/DivinePresence going through this with me.

The fact that just asking something in a forum. Could lead to people – friends – like “Randomguy#13”. Intrigues me a lot. But i know i was lucky. It is hard to find people like this. – Friendly, helpful and Generous -. But that’s not going to stop me from meeting more and more people.

Maybe. In one random day. In one random forum. I will be able to meet “Randomguy#143”.

Be nice people, console.log('lolero') nice people.