Getting in my bed, turning on the computer, opnening steam, getting into game maker, having no idea what to do next,then, watching some game dev related videos for 5 hours, and then going to sleep feeling bad/good about my “progress” – feeling bad/good about my  “good” procrastination -. Not sure how i feel about it, i’m procrastinating, because i’m not doing my work, but also i’m learning a lot about game dev and thats really good, but it isn’t my main goal in that moment, theoretically i’m procrastinaintig, so i don’t like that.

Recently, i realize something amazingly important – Mind blowing i would say -, i start seeing every other aspect of my life and i saw a match. Thinking about this disovery i realize that if i start changing a little thing like procrastinaintig in my dev hours, i could be more efficient in a lot of others aspects of my life.

Although i got to this point of realization, i still don’t now how to get over that problem, BUT i know it, so, i’m kind of good. If you have the same thing i would be pleased to talk to you and have some good, fun, and chill conversation.