Lights out is my first serious game, it’s about changes in life, people, hobbies, and yourself, changes that reset all your life for ever, never is the same ever again( HA!HA!, i found an excuse to not make a save/load engine) . The structure is very simple, puzzle, and then a sentence. I wanted to make a game where you could avoid thinking about the meaning and just play, or, you could focus more in the history it has behind. Some of the harder levels are where i let the people that wants to deal with the history think about it, and for those who just want to play, it’s a harder obstacle. Also i wanted to make a game where it treats you like a human being that thinks, so it doesn’t has tutorials or anything like that, you just figure all that out by yourself, when i play games that makes me feel pretty good, so i put it in my game. And yeah, actually the fact that you can’t load is in porpouse, i know its a hard game and thing, but i felt like doing it, it goes good with all the set.

Yeap, looks like only lights and colors, but i see a whole world, hope you can see it too.